Tapzo Customer Care Number (Formerly Helpchat) Toll Free No, Email ID

Tapzo Customer Care Number (Formerly Helpchat) Toll Free No, Email ID

Tapzo which is formerly known as Helpchat is all in one app in which you can make bill payment, book cabs, order foods, recharge, buy deals and many more. Tapzo app is available for most of all devices running on iOS and Android operating system. You can download the Tapzo (Helpchat) mobile app in the respective app store for different operating system. Additional features such as daily news and horoscope is also available in the Tapzo mobile app. For any addition information and queries regarding the app, you can contact Tapzo Customer Care Number provided below for your reference. You can also get the additional details such as office address, email id and others which are provided here along with Helpchat Customer Care Numbers.

Tapzo Customer Care
Tapzo (Helpchat) Customer Care Number

Helpchat Customer Care Helpline Number Compliant Office Address

22 thoughts on “Tapzo Customer Care Number (Formerly Helpchat) Toll Free No, Email ID

  1. My two recharges are in pending since 48 hours. Pls help and recharge or refund it.
    My tranjection id are below
    R18428009890844….175 rs.for 9913305093
    R18427660666868….465 rs. For 9909475676

    • Hi Manoranjan,
      You can get tapzo customer care from our website and reach out to them to know more details about Tapzo customer care.

  2. 1. My electric bill is pending since 23 Oct 2016. Pls help and electric bill paid or refund it.

    My tranjection id below :-
    U14990499391473 amount Rs 8361/-

    2. Pls attend on customer care number 011-64643453.

    • Hi,
      Please find the email address given in the customer care information and email them to know the status of your transaction.

  3. Tapzo is worst side.and they doing fraud with customer. yesterday i booked the cab and also use coupon but coupon did not apply on ride.they charged Rs.927/-

    • Hi Mithesh,
      You can file a complaints regarding the issue with the provided contact details and ask for refund or discount in the next ride. Hope, they will resolve your issue.

    • Hi Sangram Sahoo,
      Please contact the Tapzo Customer care Number provided and mention about your transaction with ID. The recharge will be granted or else the refund will be provided.

  4. Hi nikhil bhoyar,
    1. My electric bill is pending since 23 Oct 2016. Pls help and electric bill paid or refund it.
    Transaction id is
    Plz refund the amount rs. 480

    • Hi Nikhil,
      Please make a call and inform about the transaction with the details mentioned here. ASAP the refund amount will be generated to your account.

    • Hello Neha,
      The process of refunding takes upto 24hrs and sometimes if any interruption occurs it may also fail. SO, wait for sometimes or else just notify them again.

    • Hi Mohit,
      You can file your issue with the provided Tapzo Customer Care Contact details provided above with your transaction details. It will be processed ASAP or will be refunded back to your account.


  5. there are so many recharges pending from ur side. Money got deducted and no refund also from last 2 months. customer number also i tried. no one is responding. can u check with this issue. its a poor service from ur side

    • Hai,
      We have provided Tapzo Customer Care Number in this post. So, you can contact and say about your problem or sent the email. They have provide instant solution in your issues.

  6. I have raised a transaction for the landline bill and it is not been paid. its more than 48 hours and the amount 383Rs. is not refunded. tried calling the customer care so many times have put mails but i don’t know what you people do. there is no response from your side. kindly refund the amount.

    • Hai,
      We have mentioned the customer care toll free number for the customer convenience. So, you can contact the customer care and say about your issues. After that, the customer care team instantly solution will provide your problems.

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