What will happen to the black money circulating in the market after 500 and 1000 Rs Ban?

As earlier said about fake currency future in India even black money holding is also debatable. Current black money holders if want to make their black money accountable, have to submit source of income, income tax returns and if there are violations have to face consequences. Hence, black money holders can be expected to move black money offshore or invest in smuggling or other unlawful activities to store their fake money in some other currency outside India. When we speak about unlawful activities, people invest black money in many unlawful ways like cash safes in hidden places, drug investments and hawala but all these have to be done before December 10th 2016 to be utilized by them as foreign currency.

500 and 1000 Rs Ban

We are not sure as to whether Government of India has taken any steps to curb and destroy such activities. Because, all these kinds of curbing activities need heavy integration of intelligence agencies, the armed forces in the sea, air & land and the local police forces to work integrated and have the black money kings to be identified and punitive action to the enforced. As the people we may there be stringent and tough patrolling in the nation in all areas, mainly the land and sea surveillance. All national agencies can be expected to be put on high alert to curb such activities. We don’t know whether we will be seeing government actions on this regard hitting the media screens.

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